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SBS 4.5 Actual Install Notes
by Andy Goodman

A number of folks have asked me what it takes to configure a Small Business Server. For fun I thought I would share the install log I created for one of the last Microsoft Small Business Server 4.5 machines I built. What follows is my own notes to myself as I went through the install, so be kind.

KingArthur Install Log
Install 98-2nd edition dos to test array
Install 1 Nic
Install NT Workstation, leave run all night

Clean Off Array
Install SBS 4.0 Retail 5 User Version (SP-3 out of the box)
KingArthur, blank password
No Additional Users Yet
Note had to copy winnt.sif from cd-2 and use F6 at "Setup is inspecting your hardware configuration..." screen to get array drivers to install
Note S2100 drive is called I20 by setup and 2940UW is called family manager use 2nd listed device
Leave system run all night

Install NT 4.0 WorkStation, 
Down4Service, (handyandy regular password)
Install SP-3 on Workstation
Connect to My Office Network for files and patches
Install Fat32 Driver
Install Easy CD Creator 3.5c to wks
Install WinZip 8 to wks
Install SnagIt 5 to wks
Install AcroBat 4.0 (reader) to wks
HookUp My Burner Temporarily to 2940UW with High External Terminated & Adapter
Image C:
Image D:
Burn CD with both Images
leave system run all night

Tested Image CD (did restore)
Enlarged C: Partition to 4 gig (partition Magic from floppy)
Created the following drive structure (in Disk Administrator)
C=4001 mb ntfs sbs_Server
D=996 mb ntfs WorkStation
E=2000 mb fat Image_Here
F=3499 mb App_Drive
G=996 mb Web_Root
H=6001 mb Data_Drive
Disconnect Burner, Remove Adapter, Set 2940UW back to Auto
Started Upgrade to SBS 4.5
SP-4, OK
IE 5.0, OK
SQL 7, OK 
DAC 2.1, OK
NT Option Pack, OK 
index 2.0, OK
transaction server 2.0, OK
IIS 4.0, OK
Proxy Server 2.0, OK
Fax Server 4.5, OK
Modem Sharing Service 4.5, OK
Exchange Server 5.5, OK
Exchange Server SP-2, OK
SBS Administrator Tools, OK
Client Apps, OK
Office 2000, OK
SP-4, OK
ReBoot Clean, HuRay

Move InetPub\wwwroot to G
Move InetPub\ftproot to G
Move Users Share to H
Move Company Share to H
Move Admin Share to H
ReBoot, No Errors
Test Intranet, OK
Test Internet, OK
Run Exchange Optimizer
Information store log files was moved from C:\exchsrvr\MDBDATA to F:\exchsrvr\MDBDATA
Private information store file was moved from C:\exchsrvr\MDBDATA to H:\exchsrvr\MDBDATA
Message Transfer Agent log files was moved from C:\exchsrvr\mtadata to F:\exchsrvr\mtadata
Public information store file was moved from C:\exchsrvr\MDBDATA to H:\exchsrvr\MDBDATA
Directory service database file was moved from C:\exchsrvr\DSADATA to H:\exchsrvr\DSADATA
Directory service log files was moved from C:\exchsrvr\DSADATA to F:\exchsrvr\DSADATA
Internet Mail Service data files was moved from C:\exchsrvr\imcdata to H:\exchsrvr\imcdata
move fax receive to H:\FaxStore\In
move fax send to H:\FaxStore\Out
Run Sql 6.5 to 7 converter
Uninstall Sql 6.5
msdtc showed errors could not start
moved msdtc log directory to H:\msdtc\logs and increased limit to 48mb, then reste log
reboot, clean
msdtc happy now
Loaded Tape driver qic 157
reinstall SP4
reboot, clean
Add 5 User Client Add Pack
Reboots twice, add pack accepted
Add 1st User, me, directories created OK
Install ATI Rage Driver

Image C,D,F,G & H to E in CD-Rom size chunks
Re-Connect Burner
Burn Image to 2 CD's JBsbs45noU1 & JBsbs45noU2

Installed Storage Manager
Installed Storge Manager Pro and set up user "andy" (with handyandy andy password)
Installed Office 2000
Installed 2nd Nic, it is listed as #1 original Nic is listed as #6
Disable bindings to netbios for 2nd nic
Installed OutLook WebAccess
Installed Exchange SP3, 2 files did not take
Reboot, 3 errors and WAM started
Install Exchange SP3, 2 files did not take again
c:\winnt.sbs\system32\emsmdb32.dll in use
c:\winnt.sbs\system32\emsui32.dll in use
stop all unneeded services
Force overwrite on 2 above files
reboot, clean this time
Web Access now functional
Noticed com server from raid software, disabled remote raid admin access
Installed SP6 on Server
Corrected Drive mappings on Workstation in Disk Admin
Installed SP6 & IE5 on Workstation
Workstation has program files on E moved back to D
still program files problem, install Norton
Norton shared files went to E also, HAVING BAD EVENING
Note to self, when you blow off a partition and restore it to test image, check drive mappings on secondary install
Found and install registry search & replace, moved all instances of E:\progra to D:\progra
System still not right, but better, repaired enough to run win doctor
seems happy now, 4 hours down the drain, goin to bed

image computer jic
Install Nav 7.0.1
Install Systems Console
Install PC Anywhere 9.2
Run LiveUpdate Admin, 122 updates + LU patch

Installed Proxy Server 2.0 SP1
Installed SQL Server 7.0 SP3
Installed MSOLAP SP3
Installed Diskeeper 6.0 Server
Ran boot-time Defragmenter on each drive

web proxy not starting correctly, can't open SBS console
ok now, www service was set to manual, set to auto
add kenny, OK
add barb, crashed 2 times. go to log files and poke around
remove NAV and all its add-ons, permission problems
Add user wizard will not complete,
created user accounts andy, barbara, chris, ed, jimh jims, kenny, richard and teri
had to do it piece meal: create user with wizard then cancel, cancel
goto tasks/manage folders to set permissions, then tasks/manage users and manage user permissions
reinstall NAV
set password for server regular image password plus
remove all Symantec apps
clear registry of tailings

Reinstall PC Anywhere 9.2
Reinstall NAV 7.0.1 Server
Reinstall Symantec System Center
Reinstall NAV PlugIn
Reinstall Quarantine Plug-In
Reinstall Live Update Admin Utility

Install Nav for Exchange password virus to access
Install Norton Console
Install Speed Disk 5.1
Install Veritas Backup Exec 7.3
clean temp
empty recycle
run rdisk, too much info to create disk stored to repair ok
run disk admin config save to floppy
re-install sp6a
reboot dirty web proxy
rdisk again
copy this log to server
Image for Final CD Set
Burn 3 Cd Set first one is Bootable

Ran chkdsk on all drives, 4 had upper case file errors repaired
Shutdown to Ship

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