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Microsoft Small Business Server 2000, Part 8
by Andy Goodman

SBS Partner Training Update 

Microsoft has partnered with Asentus to offer partner training in some cities across the country. I understand this is an invitation only event and is close to a sell out, so if you got an invitation and want to attend signup ASAP. This is very elementary training so if you already have experience installing SBS2000 you won't gain much knowledge from the course, but they are currently giving each attendee a coupon for an NFR copy of SBS2000 which could make it worth your time if you don't already have one. If you are new to SBS then by all means go if you can. No you can't sell the NFR and then claim the rebate.

I went and took the 5 hour training in Jacksonville Florida the day after Labor Day. It is a really nice setup about 50 laptops running vmware and SBS2000. They walk you through some of the basics like creating users and adding computer accounts.

There are 6 hands on labs which include,

1. To Do List and the SBS Administrator Console
2. Users & Computers
3. Internetworking
4. Internet Security and Acceleration Server
5. Outlook Web Access
6. Delegating Administration

Also there is a section the OEM Version of SBS2000 and using the OPK. And if that's not enough motivation they had a drawing for a few copies of Harry Brelsford's Book SBS Best Practices Reviewed right here.

All in all the instructor does a great job. I did have a little chat with him after the course and recommended they add some known gotcha's to the course handout. He sounded optimistic about getting them included for the future trainings.

Here is a shot of the room before it filled up.

And one during the training

Taking this training is one of the ways to prepare for the test to be eligible for the rebate and listing in the partner locator discussed below.

SBS Channel Program

If you sell and support SBS for a living check out the details to this new program here, basically Microsoft is temporarily offering a $500.00 rebate to get you to support SBS. You have to pass an online test to show you have some knowledge specifically about SBS and there are some rules and restrictions but nothing too severe. And if that's not enough motivation they are also putting up a list of the folks who pass the test and register for the program so people looking for SBS support can find you.

Since I posted the paragraph above last time I have gotten a number of questions repeatedly, so here is some clarification.

Question 1, Do I have to sell the software and the service to qualify?
You do not have to sell the software directly.  You do need to provide information proving the software was purchased after August 1, 2002 including the unique product key code.

Question 2, Do I have to take the test if I go to the face to face training (or the online training)?
All partners must pass the test to be listed in the locator and to receive the rebate.
(I know some of the info says if you do the training you don't have to take the test but this is a direct quote from one of the team members as of 9/4/2002)

Question 3, How much do I have to bill to be entitled to the full rebate?
This is the formula: If you provide $300 worth of services, you will receive $300.  If you provide $500 dollars with of services, you will receive $500.  If you provide $1000 worth of services, you will receive $500 worth of rebate.

Question 4, If they already have SBS2000 and I reinstall it or do some major work can I collect the rebate
No, the work has to preformed during the eligible period 8/1/2002 - 1/31/2003 and tied to a sale of SBS2000 that occurred during the eligible period.

If you have any other questions or concerns please contact sbsreb@microsoft.com directly.

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