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Microsoft Small Business Server 2000, Part 11

How To Create Xmas Labels from Outlook

By Andy Goodman

Of course you can use this process for any project that needs to be merged from filtered Outlook data, but since it is the season we’ll use Christmas Labels for our example.

First go to the standard Contacts View in Outlook

Now click View, Current View, Xmas (if it does not exist, see Create View below)


Then Hit <Ctrl> + A which will select all the contacts that fit into our filter


Then click Tools, Mail Merge


Then select Only selected contacts and set the document type to Mailing Labels


Then click Complete Setup


Then click on the Setup button


Pick your label stock from the list


Now click Close at the bottom of the window


Next click the Insert Merge Fields button


Now insert the Fields you will use

I like User_Field_1 which is where I put the heading for my labels, (you can find it under All Fields when you are editing or adding contact info), such as The HandyAndy Clan or the Goodman Family. This little trick solves the multiple name fields Outlook uses.

I also use the Mailing_Address field as it saves having to do the address lines individually.



Once you have a label setup the way you like, tell Outlook to Propagate  Labels


Now click the Merge to New Document button



Now tell Outlook to use All records, as we did our filtering with the view.


And finally if you like what you see, Print the Labels.

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Creating the Xmas View


To create the filtering view, from the Contact View in Outlook

Click on View, Current View, Define Views


Next click the New button


Name your view and select Card


Click the Fields button


Pick the Miscellaneous field from the drop down list


Highlight User_Field_1 and click Add


If your going to want the Company name on you label add it also


If you add Company you should move it up towards the top of the list with the Move Up button


Now click the Filter button


Go to the More Choices tab click the Categories button and select the category to filter by.

I like to add my own category called 1 Xmas Card, but you can use Holiday Cards if you like

Of course you have to go through your contacts and assign this category to the contacts you want to make labels for.


Now just click OK on each open of the 3 windows on your way out and then click Close on the define Views for Contacts window


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