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Hi Jesse

I think you may be mistaken about who is upset with Microsoft.

I am one of the partners who is supposed to be upset. I am not. Nor have I met any other partners at the meetings who are upset. It is Netscape and their camp of Microsoft haters that are creating all the waves. Being a levelheaded businessman, I don’t feel the government has any place telling a company what they can or cannot include in their product.

Microsoft is not operating under some monopoly license from the government as the utilities do and therefore should not be regulated. We live and work in a free enterprise system, don’t we? Every time the government sticks it’s nose where it does not belong ‘We The People’ end up getting the shaft. Remember how easy it was to make a phone call before de-regulation? Remember how easy it was to get a reasonable air fare, and a safe flight? Remember when you knew who to call when the phone did not work?

Why has it become such a bad thing for a person or company to become successful? Lately it seems we want to punish anyone who is successful by breaking up there company or forcing them to change the way they do business. If people don’t like Microsoft’s products or OS’s there is always Unix, System 8 or more importantly let them create there own OS.

Do not tell me as a system builder that I can not buy Microsoft’s newest and greatest OS because someone at Netscape is jealous.

Let’s let the Government govern and keep them out of business’s business. Are we still living in a capitalist society?

Andy Goodman, Capitalist



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Microsoft thumbs its nose at a temporary court order issued by a U.S. District Court last week. And backs itself into a dangerous lose-lose position. Sure,the software giant promises to comply with orders to stop forcing computer makers to include its Internet Explorer browser with Windows 95. By offering an old, low-quality version of the OS to manufacturers who force the issue. History says the company is courting trouble.





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