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SVCS Loses Editor

Gains New President

At the board meeting on June 6th 1998 Chris Daley resigned as president and also as editor of the SVCS Journal. By a secret ballot of the BoD Fletcher Johnson was voted in as the new President. Also Dick Holliday requested that we actively find someone to take on the responsibilities of Secretary, as his new job will require a good deal of travel. He will continue to fill position until a replacement can be found. I have agreed to remain on as Treasurer.

The new lineup after the general election and seating of officers by the BoD is:

President and BoD Member

Fletcher Johnson ********** 408 946-0960

Executive VP and BoD Member

Gene Paymar ************* 408 732-5554

VP of SIG's and BoD Member

Kevin Lynn ************** 408 435-3454


Dick Holliday ************ 408 257-3570

Treasurer and BoD Member

Andy Goodman *********** 408 986-8325

Board Member

Chris Daley ************** 408 296-7080

Board Member

Dick Meyer ************** 408 723-0159

Board Member

Dick Harding ************* 415 322-9645

Board Member

Fred Townsend *********** 408 263-8768

Board Member

Ransom Fields ************ 408 986-2699



SVCS needs 1 or 2 people to put together the Silicon Valley Journal. As you can tell from this informal announcement, I am not the one. Chris was doing a wonderful job but suffers from SVCS burnout. Fred who has published the Journal in the past is suffering from the same condition. As it stands right now we have no newsletter until YOU volunteer.

Bill Selmeier is the new Internet SIG leader and has Moved the SIG meeting to DownHome Computers on the First Monday of the month.

The June General Meeting on the 12th is in the Oak Room at Hewlet-Packard at 19483 Pruneridge Ave., Bldg. 48 in Cupertino. Our featured speaker will be Scott Reid of Adobe Systems talking about Web Publishing tools in general and Adobe's SiteMill & PageMill specifically.

This is the kind of new upcoming technology that you indicated you are interested in, so let's make a good showing at the General Meeting (formerly know as the GiG meeting).


SVCS, Inc.

2464 El Camino Real

Suite 190

Santa Clara, Ca 95051


Voice (408) 986-9254

BBS (408) 956-0317

Fax (408) 986-8956


Accounting Office

309 Laurelwood Road

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Santa Clara, CA 95054


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