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News From DownHome

by Andy Goodman

Hello SVCS members. I would like to thank you all for your concern over my recent medical and financial problems. I have had to give up the shop on Laurelwood and I am now working out of the house. This is why I have not been able to host any meetings lately. I have not given up though. I have been in contact with the good folks at Adaptec and we may have a commitment for some meeting space by the time you read this article. I have asked for space for the Hardware Group and the NT Group I have been trying to put together.

I would like to warn you of a couple of situations I have run into, so you can avoid them;


Anyone thinking of going to Comdex in November. Let me warn you about Comfort Inn South. I had the misfortune to stay there last year. The place is overrun with Cockroaches and the management is rude and insulting. I went to the desk to complain about the uninvited guests in my room and they called me a liar. They would not come to the room to see them and they would not reduce the bill at all. I wrote "Signed Under Protest Cockroaches" on the credit card slip and went home I wrote to the head office of Comfort Inns and they told me it was between the individual motel and me, they would not get involved.


Anyone who believes the story the banks tell us that goes "use your credit card and you are protected". Well I fell for that one and charged the room at Comfort Inn South to my Chase Bank Card. When I called Chase to tell them not to pay Comfort they told me to wait till the bill showed up. When the bill showed up I wrote to them to stop payment like they advised me to. Including a copy of the credit card slip which I had previously written on "Signed Under Protest Cockroaches". 6 months later after numerous calls I got a letter that said they would not reverse the charge. It seems whether or not you are protected is at their whim. You have no say in the matter or the decision.

On to more pleasant issues. If your using Windows 95 you should check out this site. http://www.microsoft.com/isapi/support/ps_sl.idc?purl=/windows/&pfx=w95&base=windowssupport&kbd=win95x&sl=q_misc95 . It is a terrible thing to type so I have a link to it on the DownHome Page which you can find at www.12c4pc.com this is a complete listing of all the patches to Window 95 since it was released. There are even 3 from July already so check it often. And while your browsing if you are using Microsoft Outlook you may want to stop by http://www.microsoft.com/officefreestuff/outlook.

A number of people have asked me about the Intel TX ChipSet. Here is the story I got from Intel . The TX ChipSet is the last chipset they will produce for the Pentium Processor and Pentium Processor with MMX Technology . They will not build a board with the TX chipset however so the HX chipset is on the last board you can buy Built by Intel for the Socket 7 family. Intel is putting all their push behind the Pentium 2 Processor and the motherboards for it.

Looking for a good book to help you through the Windows 95 and NT registries, I highly recommend the Que book written by Jerry Honeycutt called WINDOWS 95 and NT 4.0 REGISTERY & CUSTOMIZATION HANDBOOK. It is one of the few books that has kept my interest peaked as I read it cover to cover. It is filled with wonderful information that I have had a terrible time trying to find elsewhere. Disclaimer before you do anything to the registry BACK IT UP.

About the Author

Andy Goodman is a past Officer and Director of the SVCS, Inc. as well as a Licensed Microsoft OEM and Intel Registered IPD. He also owns and operates DownHome Computers a System Integration house in Santa Clara, CA. Andy has been involved with the electronics industry since 1975.

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