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Executive Software Undelete 3.0
By Andy Goodman

Well the folks at Executive Software have released another must have software utility. Undelete 3.0 is what the recycle bin should have been all along. Take a look at this screen shot of just how much info there is about your deleted files!

Not only the regular when it was deleted, but the directory tree it came from, who deleted it, who owned it and when it was created. The directory in the screenshot was deleted via a mapped drive on a workstation. But as you can see the files are still available if they needed to be restored.

And if a program over writes a data file as it updates, here is what you get.

Multiple copies of the file so you can go back and grab the one you need. This particular example is created while using TurboTax quite by accident I might add, I had no idea it was creating all these copies while it worked.

I had tried this product a few years ago and was not happy with it. It seemed to really labor my system. This new version is so undetectable I forgot I had installed it. When I remembered I had promised to do a review, I went to install it and it was already installed. If not for the changed icon on the recycle bin, you wouldn't have even known it was running.

So now instead of having to say "I'm sorry that file you deleted was on the network and it's gone" , or "We have it on tape, I'll get it for you by tomorrow". You can be a hero and have it back in a minute or two. That's worth the price of admission right there.

You say you have the opposite problem, you don't want your deleted files coming back! It can do that also. It has an option called Secure Delete, which when set, overwrites files with a DOD Spec bit pattern and then deletes it. At that point not even Undelete can get it back for you.

What, you say your in a bind right now and want to know if Undelete can bail you out even though you haven't been using it? Well more good news, Undelete includes Emergency Undelete which just may keep this from being a resume generating experience for you. You can even download a FREE UTILITY to check and see if your files are savable. I ran it on my desktop system with an empty Recycle Bin and it found approximately 15,000 files that it could recover.

Of course, to actually do the recovery, you have to buy the full product. That's what makes the computer world go around. A word of caution, Emergency Undelete is a powerful tool not to be put in the hands of your everyday user. It is for the computer savvy! I was going to have a testimonial here for fun as a friend got caught in a jam while I was working on this review. He had the software sent to his client and it arrived before he did. The client decided he couldn't wait, fired up the machine, restored the wrong version and over wrote the good files that could have been saved. So it cost him 2 weeks of his staff reentering data. So be warned, if you are looking for a lost file and you don't already have Undelete installed to protect you, BE CAREFUL, think through your plan of attack. This is a wonderful powerful tool, but as always with power comes responsibility!

If you've got the money in the budget, put Undelete 3.0 on every computer. If not, make sure it is at least on every server. A word of caution, make sure to exclude things like your anti-virus quarantine and signature directories. You don't want to be saving viruses deleted form the quarantine and the signature directory creates a lot of deletes. Keep an eye on the free space of C for the first couple of weeks until you got Undelete tuned.

By the way, since we're talking about Executive Software, they recently released Diskeeper 7.0 Second Edition; faster, better free space consolidation  and if you already own Diskeeper 7.0 it is a FREE UPGRADE, don't ya just love these folks.


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