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Hi Chuck,

To install the aux front cooling fan in the Antec P160 Gamers Case,
Please follow these instructions. This fan will blow air directly on the
hard drives and keep them from overheating.

Remove the 2 thumb screws from the back on the side with the locks

Turn the locks horizontal

The side will pull away at the top.

Notice the little door towards the front bottom inside the case

Loosen the thumb screw

Slide out the drawer

For orientation lay the drawer on the table (notice the slot)

The fan goes on like this with the bigger label facing up
 and the wire pointed towards the slot

Put the 4 funny screws in from this side, note the indentions for them

Slide the drawer back in being careful, not to pinch the wire

Find a convenient cable splice like the one running to the back fan

Plug the large fan connector into the splice

If the is a small fan connector on the motherboard you can plug the small
white wire from the fan onto it.
 I don't think there is an unused one on your board.
It only tells you the speed of the fan, it does not control the speed of the fan.
This fan controls itself and must have constant power, which is why we
used the big connector splice.

I sent along an extra fan in case you wanted to replace the one on the back
of the case also. Just remember the big label on the fan should point
towards the back of the case.


Call me if this is not clear.

Happy Cooling

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